can marijuana users get life insurance

Can Marijuana Users Get Life Insurance?

There are many misconceptions regarding the use of marijuana and whether marijuana users can get life insurance. In most cases, you can attribute these misconceptions to the fact that marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law. The bottom line for marijuana users is that no matter where you live and whether your state has…
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marijuana a risk

Why is Marijuana a Risk for Life Insurance Companies?

Now that more and more states have legalized the medical use of marijuana, consumers are asking why is it a risk for life insurance companies. Now, over 50 percent of the states have found it useful to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Additionally, seven states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational…
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life insurance quotes for marijuana smokers

Important Tips For Marijuana Users Before You Buy Life Insurance

If you use marijuana, whether recreationally or medicinally, you’re likely to have questions about your need for life insurance to protect your surviving loved ones. There are methods you can implement to make certain you get the lowest rate possible and make the purchasing process as easy as possible. Read on for the most important…
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marijuana friendly

Marijuana Friendly Life Insurance Companies

Although more than 50 percent of states have taken a more liberal view on marijuana use and as a result have legalized marijuana use in some form, not every insurance company is marijuana friendly. Traditionally, life insurance companies are very conservative when it comes to underwriting since rates are always based on the level of…
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drug test

Do Life Insurance Companies Drug Test Applicants?

Life insurers that offer the lowest rates are able to do so because they completely underwrite their applicants using a medical exam and drug test. Simply put, the more information an insurer has about you, the better they can determine the risk they are taking and offer you low-cost life insurance. It should be understandable…
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