Insurance is a confusing topic for most people. Lots of us like to think that we understand risk mitigation and how it’s structured, but unless you’re in the business, you’re pretty much guessing or listening to others who know less than you do. Because of this, there are many myths aboutmarijuana and life insurance that.. More

When you are applying for life insurance and smoking marijuana, applicants are normally required to answer a number of health and lifestyle related questions on the insurance application. Additionally, in many cases, the applicant must also undergo a medical examination that will include a blood and urine analysis, although there are many companies out there.. More

Banner Life Insurance Company is one of the few marijuana welcoming life insurers. Even though you will discover “marijuana friendly” has a relatively informal definition among life insurance companies. While Banner Life and marijuana are suitable, it depends on how often you smoke it. We have found that Banner Life Insurance and marijuana use go.. More

Although state after state has legalized some form of marijuana use, according to the Federal Government, it is still an illegal substance. The difference between federal laws and state laws has created significant concerns for people who use marijuana either medicinally or recreationally. If you use marijuana and are considering purchasing life insurance, it’s very.. More

Although marijuana use in any form remains illegal under federal law in the United States, many states have legalized its use for valid medicinal purposes. There are controls in each state that allow medical marijuana use and a list of specific conditions that must be presented before it can be prescribed by a doctor. To.. More

After calling several independent insurance agents, you finally got a terrific quote on term life insurance from your agent, and you’re anxious to get the process started. Your agent, who is now your new best friend, begins to explain the underwriting process so you can get these terrific rates, he goes through the application, gets.. More

Since over fifty percent of states have legalized the use of marijuana in some fashion, marijuana use is making the news now more than ever in America. Many consumers remain unsure, however, how the usage of marijuana, either recreational or for medical reasons, might affect the ability to purchase life insurance. Based on this, let’s.. More

It’s fairly obvious that consumers in the U.S. are taking a more liberal view on marijuana use. In fact, more than 50% of the states have legalized its use in some manner. Although life insurance companies are conservative in nature, many of them today are opening up to the idea of insuring the lives of.. More

When we compare marijuana use today, to usage and stereotyping in the 70s and 80s, the image of clueless marijuana smokers has faded as Americans have come to accept recreational use as a personal choice with minimal consequences. Since more than 50 percent of states have legalized marijuana use in some form, life insurance companies.. More